Relcomm can provide your organization with a low cost solution to a number of critical needs. Whether it is a network security assessment or a complete integration of a multi-platform environment, we can provide the consulting expertise you require. Your organization can have all the benefits of high-level security and simple manageabilty in one comprehensive package. Whether you are a small organization with limited resources or a large organization that wants to make the most of the resources you have, Relcomm can provide the appropriate solution to meet your needs.


RelComm has developed a turnkey solution that provides the necessary communication features in one convenient package. The need to purchase additional hardware and software no longer exists and our solution is license free.

What we include:

  • NSA rated firewall
  • Secure web server
  • Secure e-mail server including web based e-mail packages
  • Usage management with access statistics and access control
  • Simple point and click graphics for managing your network
  • Access to the status of all your network devices including routers, switches, and Windows, Mac, and UNIX servers


easyWEB is a flexible, secure web-based student information management system. Simplify how you access information. easyWEB allows your school or district staff to have access to critical information by simply using any web browser.

easyWEB also greatly reduces the time your school spends on administrative tasks. With features such as a grade book, report card grading, school calendars, class scheduling and demographics, you are able to eliminate time consuming processes. easyWEB is also able to run reports, calculate percentages and do mandatory reporting once your school's information is entered. Tools are also available so that you can identify areas that may need improvement.

Watch an easyWeb presentation