As of October 2004, the E-Rate program allows website hosting to be funded for schools. This allows you to receive a discount on the annual cost of Relcomm's web hosting. Training costs cannot be included for E-Rate funding.

For more information regarding E-Rate, look at the Universal Service Administrative Company website, www.sl.universalservice.org

E-Rate provides discounts for many services, including web hosting. The discount rate is usually between 20% to 90%. This make the cost for Relcomm website hosting very affordable for every district or library system.

E-Rate funding begins July 1 and runs for one year until June 30.  Below is a listing of the forms that must be filed and processed to receive E-Rate funding.

Form 470

This form must be filed for the 2011-2012 School Year.

  • Form 470 describes the services your school wants to purchase. Web hosting is included with Internet Access (box 9), enter WEB HOSTING next to the box.
  • No contracts can be signed until 29 days after you submit Form 470.

Form 471

This form must be filed at least 28 days after you have submitted Form 471. For example, if you filed Form 470 on January 7, 2006, you must wait until February 4, 2006 until you can sign a contract with a vendor.

  • Once the contract is signed, you must name your vendor on Form 471. Relcomm Company SPIN is 143006035.
  • The SLD reviews the forms and determines funding.
  • You will then receiving a Funding Commitment Decision Letter.

Form 486

After receiving a Funding Commitment Decision Letter, work on your website begins. File Form 486 to disburse funds.

We would be happy to provide a web hosting quote for your school, school district or library.